My Real Self

The Angels
The community website - if you're not just browsing this site for the pics, you'll probably know about it.

Becky's Website
Petite and sexy T-girl with a great sense of humour. Got the Tranny License from her site.

Joanna's Diary
Home to the largest known collection of TV/TS-themed caption pics (pictures from some other source with a TV/TS-type theme appended to them.) She's also one of the head honchos (honchettes?) behind The Angels.

Caroline Snow
Nice T-girl a little older than myself. She looks very pretty in that blue dress. As the site's on Geocities, cross your fingers and hope to get in before her hourly bandwidth limit is exceeded....

Saucy Suzie
She lives up to her name. ;-)

Toyra Corsetant
Surgically-enhanced Swiss T-glamourgirl.


Good place to get the basic bits and pieces (wigs, makeup, prosthetics, clothes etc.) - it's also one of the few places that does nice shoes in sizes that fit policeman's feet like mine.

Additions Direct
Reasonably-priced place to get normal women's clothes from. The fashion equivalent of Morrison's. Unlike Morrison's though, there's no ultra-cheap Bettabuy range... bugger.

Everything Adult
Where I got my more... umm... exotic clothes from. :-) They have a large and occasionally disturbing catalogue. Ships from the Czech Republic and can sometimes take a few weeks if what you ordered isn't in stock. But it's discreet, which is the important thing.